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The ECT works with the United Nations (UNEP) and its partners to produce a series of publications

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The ECT and EEC are proud to work with the organisations above through conferences, seminars and publications.


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The Internationally Recognised Certificate for the Engineering, Management and Financial Sectors


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Glasgow Caledonian University

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EEC-ECT organises educational activities in cooperation with the above universities and international organisations.

The internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate has been awarded for over 40 years and earned a strong reputation in the industry, where it has been awarded to high-profile companies such as Coca Cola, Tesco, Oxfam GB, the Royal Air Force, Ferrero, Fiat and Honeywell.

The ECT is an Independent Professional Body and trains over 5000 individuals each year on more than 300 training courses across Europe. Approved courses leading to the Certificate are delivered in 21 Universities worldwide.

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“I would like to underline the instructor’s high level of preparation, alongside their good spirit of collaboration, dedication, flexibility and professionalism”

(Ms Vecchio, Civilian Human Resources Management, NATO)


“We were impressed with the ability to provide courses facilitated by academic experts and carried out within our premises in order to ease the logistical pressures that training personnel on this scale brings”


“The course was very well presented and it was clear that the instructor had a great deal of experience and knowledge”

(Phil Coulston)


A Review of the Paris Agreement (COP21) by EEC Expert Professor Sklar, George Washington University.

The 21st Council of the Parties (COP21) ended in Paris as the first time in history where most of the countries in the world actually agreed to very public and somewhat ambitious actions to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

As one leading journal stated ,“In many ways Paris was already a success before the conference itself convened. For the first time, more than 180 countries…
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Opportunities for Stakeholders: projects and opportunities for individuals and organisations to get involved with UNEP’s work in developing countries.

There are a wide range of opportunities for stakeholders – in many ways, there are more opportunities than resources available to meet them all – and our challenge is to focus on the areas where we think we can have the greatest impact. One such opportunity relates to the UN Secretary General’s…

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The Project Management Triad: An Introduction to the Core Principles of Effective Modern Project Management

In advance of the classroom workshop, Dr. Yiannis Anagnostopoulos introduces the core principles for effective modern project management. Traditionally managers merely had to focus on aspects of technical project management with a single, ultimate focus on… Read more

Alumni Spotlight: International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

We focus on the achievements of those who have attended courses and attained the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) to establish their careers. Read more

World Bank and US Department of Energy representatives praise the ECT-EEC and GWU innovative Educational Partnership

Following the example of many European countries, the Paris COP21 summit “transformed the United States into the global leader in fighting climate change.” (President Obama). Consequently, effective educational activities in renewable energy are now essential tools in the fight against climate change… Read more