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13 Days to 2017: your free Digital Marketing Strategy Template

All organisations need to ensure they are gaining maximum exposure to their potential audience. Digital marketing is now crucial to achieve this,  as so much of the potential audience is now online. As techniques and methods in this area develop, it is becoming even more important that businesses cover all bases to achieve maximum visibility to their clientele. The ECT’s Digital Marketing Strategy Template offers you a step-by-step guide of how you can do this. 

The Digital Marketing Strategy Template uses information taken from the ECT Digital Marketing and Communications Classroom Course, taught by an expert lecturer with many years of practical experience in the field. You can use this template as a framework for your Digital Marketing Strategy as you look ahead to 2017.

To access the Digital Marketing Strategy template, please fill in the form below. You will then be sent a link to access the resource, which you can study at your convenience and use to help shape your digital strategy for next year.

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“The Digital Marketing tools the lecturer shared were really useful, and I will be able to apply them to my day-to-day work.”
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