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4 Days to 2017: Quiz to test your knowledge
Do you know enough about Digital Marketing?

If you think you may need to brush up on your Digital Marketing know-how, you can complete the ECT’s Digital Marketing Quiz to find out where the gaps in your knowledge are and how you can improve them.

Remember, every day this month you can access a free educational resource to support your professional development for 2017. 

1 What does SEO stand for? 

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Ordering

Search Engine Orientation

2 Which Google service tracks and reports website traffic?

Google Plus

Google Earth

Google Analytics

3 What 3 things must you consider when selecting website keywords? 

Relevance, competition and search popularity

Relevance, competition and word length

Relevance, competition and word language

4 As of the third quarter of 2016, how many people in the world had Facebook? 

1.8 Billion

1/2 Billion

1 Billion

5 What is a UTM link? 

A shortened link

A link found on a Home Page

A link that can track website traffic

6 Which of these websites is a platform for simultaneously managing different social media types? 



Google Plus

7 By 2020, the number of internet users globally is expected to have…

Increased by 1 quarter


Increased by 1 third

8 How many pieces of content are shared on Facebook every day?

1 Billion

2.5 Billion

5 Billion

9 How often can you make a LinkedIn announcement as a LinkedIn Group Administrator? 



Once you have noted down your answers, please click here to see your score!