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6 Days to 2017: Electric Vehicles Online Lesson

For today’s free resource the European Centre of Technology (ECT) is pleased to provide free access to an Expert Presentation providing essential information on the electrical systems side of renewable systems.

This training session offers a concise outline of need-to-know aspects of the subject and counts towards your CPD hours. Once you have watched the online lesson you can email the ECT to be awarded your Certificate of Participation.

The lesson is presented by Francois Simon, of the University of Granada and serves as an introduction to the Electrics for Renewables Distance Learning course.

The webinar aims to develop your knowledge of the main principles involved in increasing PV adoption through the use of finance and technology. The webinar will help you understand:

– Vehicle and Battery Technologies
– Vehicle Infastructure
– Policies and Programmes in the UK and Beyond

To access the Electric Vehicles online lesson, please fill in the form below. You will then be sent a link to access the presentation.

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“The course covered a good balance of breadth and depth in various types of renewable energy technologies…The course tutor is clearly an expert with detailed insight in to the sector.”
-Fraser Macleod, UK Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
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