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Electrics for Renewables Certificate

Accredited Distance Learning Course

The ECT runs courses in Energy, Marketing and Finance across the UK, in London, Birmingham
  • Video lessons based on live classroom training developed by internationally recognised University Academics and Experts
  • Live individual tutorial conducted remotely with your assigned tutor
  • Course materials accessible on computer, tablet & mobile
  • Resource Centre to access knowledge
    and research
  • Remote exam for the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate

Technicians and individuals with a strong interest in the electrical systems side of renewable systems.


You can start this course immediately.


You have up to three months to complete the course at your own pace.
This course is worth 20 hours of Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

(With current funding)

£540 for the standalone course


£324 as part of the Solar Energy Expert Certificate Pathway.

The Electrics for Renewables course price includes remote exam for Galileo Master Certificate; video lessons based on the live classroom training; course materials; Resource Centre access and is inclusive of VAT.

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The ECT runs courses in Engineering, Management and Finance across the UK, in Edinburgh, Leeds

“The course has broadened my knowledge in this field. It has also given me the confidence to undertake renewable energy projects in central Africa”

Mesu Miet, KCC Electrical

  • Review of electrical fundamentals including:
    Voltage, current and how they are measured,
    AC and DC,
    Inductance and Capacitance in AC and DC circuits
    Impact and calculation of Voltage drops
  • DC-based Renewable Systems (off-grid):
    Systems architecture and batteries
    Calculation of cable size and measurement of voltage drop
    Over current protection and over voltage protection
    Safe operation and installation
    Practical session measurement of PV performance
    Earthing and over current protection
  • Grid-connected systems:
    Different types of generators inverters (asynchronous and synchronous types)
    Safety considerations
    The impact of power factor
    PV installation guidelines and installation standards
    Connection and Wiring standards
  • AC safety:
    Earthing arrangements and their implications
    Safe operation and installation

Certificate of Participation provided.

Internationally recognised GMC Certificate provided to successful candidates of remote GMC exam:


Galileo Master Certificate (GMC)

The internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) has been achieved by participants worldwide for over 40 years, from organisations such as Hilton International Hotels, Bulb Energy, Energy Saving Trust, BNY Mellon, Global Environment Facility, and many more.

I would like to underline the instructors’ high level of preparation, alongside their good spirit of collaboration, dedication, flexibility and professionalism”

Lorenza Vecchio, NATO

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    The ECT runs courses in Renewable Energy, Marketing and Finance across the UK, in London, Birmingham

    International Participants

    Participants connecting live from 150 countries. 

    Participants from all over the world can achieve the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) by studying online EEC courses at home, the office, and on-the-go.

    Solar Energy Expert Certificate

    It is possible to achieve the Solar Energy Expert Certificate by studying this course along with Solar Photovoltaics and Solar Water Heating. This option is currently 25% funded. Click here for more information on this Pathway.

    Past Participants

    Past Participants of the online EEC Academy courses include representatives from major authorities and organisations, including the Volkswagen (VWFS), European Investment Bank, and the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

    See their testimonials here

    Research & Publications

    The ECT works with the United Nations (UNEP) and its partners to produce a series of publications