Since 1975

The ECT Centre of Technology

Accredited Professional Body for Education
Engineering - Management - Finance

Increasing Global Participation through Online Study

Over the past 40 years, we have launched training courses in Engineering, Management and Finance

in more than 140 countries around the world,

with participants attending from Nike, Siemens, the World Bank and the United Nations UNDP.

With the growth of the digital landscape, it is both more important and more convenient than ever for professionals to further their career progression. The online accredited courses and qualifications at the ECT are available to study 24/7 from any location – and are accessed by participants from 149 countries worldwide who are working to achieve the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate (GMC).

As daily lives get more hectic, flexible training programmes are required to keep up with individuals’ demands. The success of the ECT’s online training programmes rests on the ability for participants to access online course materials, live tutorials and exams on-the-go anytime, anywhere, due to the universal course compatibility with mobile devices. This has lessened the need to stay at an office or home computer for further study, which has traditionally been a limitation of part-time online studies.

Participants are attending the ECT online courses from leading authorities – including the United Nations (UNDP), the US Department of Energy and the World Bank – as well as major organisations such as Nike, Cambridge University and the UK Green Investment Bank. Corina Baciu, living in Germany and working for Royal Dutch Shell, noted that “the online option works well for me, because I can look for extra materials while learning and I can take variable learning time for different subjects. Also, I can study on weekends, without interrupting my day-to-day work!”

The online course lessons are taken from live courses in order to replicate the classroom training experience. As an added bonus, participants can watch the videos multiple times at their own convenience in order to ensure their understanding is correct before moving onto the next module. Additionally, participants are able to take the remote exam for the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) from their own location using the online platform and video technology, without having to travel to a training centre.

The ability to download and print course materials is now a necessity for many participants. During the course, participants can follow the videos and accompanying notes at the same pace, and can also keep the notes at the end of the course in order to benefit from and refer to expert knowledge at any point during their careers. Participants also have the opportunity to interact on a one to one basis with the Expert Lecturer, through a live video tutorial which is conducted remotely, in order to clear up any doubts and clarify understanding of the course material. This means that a global audience from more than 140 countries is now able to access the knowledge of UK experts without the need to travel from their home countries.

United Nations Industrial Development Organization,
“I liked the flexibility and accommodation to personal circumstances.The lecturer was also very knowledgeable and pleasant to listen to. Administration replied very quickly and attended to questions.”
Sarra Ovuike (Austria)


Ministry of Health
“I really liked the openness and sharing of knowledge by the lecturer. I intend to apply the skills I have gained in various sustainability projects in the health sector in Malaysia.”
Tuan Haji Tauran Zaidi Ahmad Zaidi (Malaysia)


National Water and Electricity Company
“I was able to win a project proposal with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization with the help of the course I took with your institution”
Alhaji Cham (The Gambia)


“I was a little nervous at first but the quality of the online course was very good indeed I have been most impressed with your staff and their help, and the courses themselves.”
Richard Crook, United Kingdom

The Online Learning Academy was launched in 2012 in order to enhance the wider training facilities of the European Energy Centre and European Centre of Technology, that have been providing conferences with the United Nations – UNEP and training courses for professionals since 1975.

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