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Global Testimonials from ECT Participants

Discover what people around the world think about the ECT and EEC’s Distance Learning courses

The ECT and EEC’s Distance Learning courses are accessed by participants from over 150 countries worldwide.

View a selection of testimonials below and if you are interested in any of the ECT’s online courses, click here.

Map of Distance Learning Testimonials from around the World

View a selection of testimonials from this continent
Carolina Pena | Bolivia

“I liked the selection of the topics taught and the pace of the instructor’s teaching pace. And since the modules are recorded, I can revisit them and search for more information in Internet in cases that I was struggling to understand”

Carlos Andrés Díaz Suárez | Colombia

“I liked how the teacher presents examples, convincing the students that their projects in renewable energies are possible”

Kemba Hughes | Anguilla

“I enjoyed how much was covered over the course”

Blaise Enonchong | USA

“The course material was very understandable”

Frank Tridico | Canada

“High quality and in-depth knowledge from the various presenters”

Andres Blanco | Venezuela

“The lecturer seems to have good experience and knowledge”

André Aleixo Delegredo | Brazil

“(The lecturer’s) expertise and actual market knowledge were outstanding”


View a selection of testimonials from this continent
Camellia Staykova | Bulgaria

“I was very impressed with the responsiveness, flexibility and professionalism of the course delivery”

Massimo Granchi | Italy

“The course was very good in every aspect”

Gaetan Bio | Belgium

“The course content was excellent and interesting”

Alan McKee | United Kingdom

“The course tutor was professional and it was evident he had a lot of relevant experience with his practical examples”

Aikaterini Axarli | Greece

“I liked the content, the subject and the way the tutor explained all of the information. I also liked that he was able to give examples from his professional experience.”

Agnes Stephens | Hungary

“I liked the content – it was very detailed and well explained in the videos”

Raymond Schmid | Switzerland

“The course was flexible, allowing you to learn when you have time and take the time you need for it”

Tom Quinn | Ireland

“The technical content was good”

Julian Frutos | Spain

“I liked the experience of teacher, and the focus on technical tips that can be applied practically”

Mladen Crnomarkovic | Netherlands

“The teachers are able to explain the topics well and are very responsive”

Michael Mathres | France

“I liked the course material and found the format easy to study with”

Andre Ohanian | Armenia

“The content was in depth and very applicable to the real world”

João Miguel Murta Pina | Portugal

“I liked the flexibility provided by Online Learning”

Darius Sarka | Lithuania

“I liked the application of models to real life renewable energy projects”

Dan Radacina Rusu | Romania

“I liked that it focused on relevant and contemporary issues and developments”

Charalambos A. Skamballis | Cyprus

“The courses outlined were very interesting”

Robert Zahra | Malta

“I liked the breadth of the course content”

Pawel Szymanski | Poland

“The course was thoroughly explained”

Corina Baciu | Germany

“The online option works well for me, because I can look for extra materials while learning and I can take variable learning time for different subjects. Also, I can do it on weekends, without interrupting my day-to-day work!”

Julia Felberbauer | Austria

“I liked that the instructor is someone with a lot of practical experience in renewables and is therefore good at explaining the course content in a way that is more easily understandable and less intimidating”

Kristi Kirk | Estonia

“The course was very interesting and easy enough to follow, with a lot of good facts and plenty of new information. The lecturer was excellent as well!”


View a selection of testimonials from this continent
Elijah Omiyale | Nigeria

“Both the content and the lecturer were very good”

Brendon Bingwa | Zimbabwe

“I liked the course material provided”

Ahmed Sherif Hegab | Egypt

“It is exactly what’s needed for an engineer to use”

William Gordon Lennox | South Africa

“The course was easily accessible and beneficial to my line of work”

Bernard Effah | Ghana

“The content was good and the slides were very understandable”

Ebrima Jallow | The Gambia

“The materials are relevant and presented very well”

Ismail O. Koroma | Sierra Leone

“The course teaches everything there is to know about Solar Energy”

Mathew Langol | Uganda

“The tutor explained things very well”


View a selection of testimonials from these continents
Ali Alghamdy | Saudi Arabia

“The teacher had excellent practical and theoretical knowledge”

Younghwan Kim | South Korea

“I liked the simplicity offered by taking an online course”

Felix F. Emnas, Jr. | Philippines

“I appreciated that the lecturer was an expert in his field”

Devaguptapu Raja Venkata Goutham Aditya | India

“The online course was valuable and provided a high standard of education”

Sunday Davies | UAE

“It’s of high academic standard. It’s wonderful to be taught by a professor from the UK!”

Owais Chishty | Pakistan

“The course was very informative, covering every single aspect of the technology required in the design process”

Tatyana Bubareva | Kazakhstan

“The course was well structured”

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