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Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) Review

The ECT runs courses in Energy, Marketing and Finance across the UK, in London, Birmingham

In order to ensure that all Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) awarding courses are standardised and quality controlled, each course is regularly reviewed by an Expert Quality Team. The high standards of GMC courses are maintained by continuous evaluation of three main categories: content, delivery, and industry demand.


Each Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) Approved course must demonstrate a high standard of content. When a GMC course is reviewed, the Quality Team will carefully scrutinise the content to ensure that it is accurate and directly applicable to the topic of study.

Additionally, during a GMC review, the Quality Team consult with an Expert in the given field to ensure that the material reflects the most up-to-date information.

Finally, the GMC review will talk to past achievers of the Certificate, collecting their feedback and comments. Once this feedback has been analysed, GMC Approved courses are updated with a focus on these comments in order to ensure that GMC courses continue to meet participant requirements.

The ECT runs courses in Engineering, Management and Finance across the UK, in Leeds, Edinburgh


Whether in the classroom or by distance learning, the Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) Quality Team understands that an essential element of a useful training course is engaging, professional and accurate delivery of the course content to the participant. When designing a GMC course, the Quality Team only work with Expert Lecturers who are both highly knowledgeable in their field and have many years of teaching experience.

When reviewing the delivery of a course, the GMC Quality Team collate and consider feedback from previous course participants to assess the lecturer. In addition, the other methods  of communication included in a course – including all course materials and resources – are consistently checked to ensure that they provide clear and useful information.

Industry Relevance

Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) Approved courses are internationally recognised and have been attended by major organisations including the World Bank, the United Nations, the Ministry of Defence and the US Department of Energy.

The course topics, initially selected by the Quality Team, are only renewed following approval through regular GMC Reviews. Crucially, courses are evaluated based on their relevance to the given industry in the global context. This means that individuals from all backgrounds can study GMC Approved courses confident that the information provided is relevant, up-to-date and will assist their professional development or organisational needs.


Following a Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) Review, funding, grants and scholarships are allocated to certain training courses throughout the year to assist the professional development needs of individuals from all nations and backgrounds. Current funding allocations have now been fully distributed across the GMC Approved  courses – please enquire to [email protected] for any more information on funding availability for GMC courses.

The EEC’s Renewable Energy management and Finance course provides the required knowledge for successful operation within the Renewable Energy Industry following COP21.

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21 – 22 January 2016, University of London>