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Net Zero Consultant Expert Certificate

3 Accredited Distance Learning Courses

The ECT runs courses in Energy, Marketing and Finance across the UK, in London, Birmingham

3 Accredited courses:

Global Energy Transition
Hydrogen Energy
Electric Vehicles

  • Live & On-Demand video lessons based on live classroom training developed by internationally recognised University Academics and Experts
  • Live individual tutorial conducted remotely with your assigned tutor (optional extra)
  • Course materials accessible on computer, tablet & mobile
  • Remote exams for the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate

This course is aimed at personnel and consultants who need to make an informed decision on which renewable energy technology will meet their specific needs or the needs of their clients.


You can start this Expert Certificate immediately.


You have up to 6 months to complete the On-Demand courses at your own pace.
This course is worth 70 hours of Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

(With current funding)


The Net Zero Consultant Expert Certificate course price includes remote exams for the Galileo Master Certificate; video lessons based on the live classroom training; course materials; Resource Centre access and is inclusive of VAT.

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Renewable Energy Training Courses Online and in the Classroom Accredited UK USA

“My Renewable Energy courses impacted greatly on my ability to successfully develop a Wind Turbine Power Project for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization” 

Alhaji Cham, National Water and Electricity Company Ltd


Global Energy Transition

  • Terminology and concepts
  • Misconceptions and lessons from history
  • The energy trilemma
  • Technologies and building blocks for the transition
  • Electrons and Molecules
  • Supply chain decarbonisation
  • ESG – Environmental Social and Corporate Governance
  • COP, commitments, and the role of the UN
  • Global challenges and geopolitics
  • Policies and the role of governments
  • Decarbonisation – Challenges and Solutions
  • International / National / Industrial
  • Sustainability and the Energy Transition
  • Sustainable Development Goals and their current and future impact


Hydrogen Energy

  • Hydrogen production and conversion
  • Hydrogen technologies
  • Modelling and simulation
  • Environmentally sustainable hydrogen
  • Hydrogen economy & financial market opportunities
  • Storage & carbon capture
  • Fuel cells
  • LCSA, recycling and eco-design
  • Hydrogen for mobility applications & vehicles
  • Distribution & grid infrastructure
  • Government legislation & policies – UK, EU (including European Green Deal) and worldwide
  • Hydrogen as part of a climate neutral strategy
  • Case studies


Electric Vehicles

  • Air quality versus climate change drivers
  • Deep-dive on carbon foot printing
  • Policy: historic interventions to cut transport emissions
  • Technology: options to cut emissions
  • Social: perceptions around the solutions
  • A breakdown of the vehicle categories and battery categories
  • Market adoption trends and predictions
  • Policy: EV specific policy evolution
  • Technology: new tech trends
  • Social: public attitudes as we enter the early majority
  • A breakdown of the four categories of EV charging
  • Policy: charging specific policies
  • Technology: emerging trends in smart, public, home and fleet
  • Social: attitudes towards charging
  • How the automotive and energy sectors are colliding and evolving
  • The growth into new sectors: e.g., e-bike is the biggest growth sector
  • Start up evolution and trends
  • What to watch over the next 2, 5 and 10 years of EV

Certificate of Participation provided.

Internationally recognised GMC Certificate provided to successful candidates of remote GMC exam:


Galileo Master Certificate (GMC)

The internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) has been achieved by participants worldwide for over 40 years, from organisations such as Coca Cola, Mitsubishi, United Nations UNDP, Siemens, Cambridge University, Oxfam GB, Tesco, the Royal Air Force, Ferrero, Honeywell and many more.

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    The ECT runs courses in Renewable Energy, Marketing and Finance across the UK, in London, Birmingham

    International Participants

    Participants connecting live from 150 countries. 

    Participants from all over the world can achieve the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) by studying online EEC courses at home, the office, and on-the-go.

    Net Zero Consultant Expert Certificate

    Achieve the Net Zero Consultant Expert Certificate by studying these courses and passing the exams for the Galileo Master Certificate. This Expert Certificate is currently 25% funded.

    Past Participants

    Past Participants of the online REI Academy courses include representatives from major authorities and organisations, including the United Nations – UNIDO,Royal Dutch Shell and Ford Motor Company.

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    Research & Publications

    The ECT works with the United Nations (UNEP) and its partners to produce a series of publications