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European Centre of Technology – Approved Professional Body for Education in Engineering, Management, Finance and Computing

“Promoting knowledge-sharing and best practice in Engineering, Management, Finance and Computing, with leading universities and the United Nations (UNEP), through professional Training Courses, Qualifications, Conferences, Publications, European Projects, Global Partnerships, Membership Programmes and the Internationally Recognised Galileo Master Certificate.”


The ECT runs courses in Energy, Marketing and Finance across the UK, in Edinburgh, Manchester

The European Centre of Technology (ECT) has been running training courses since 1975 and has a wealth of experience providing Engineering, Management, Finance and Computing workshops.

The professional training courses are organised in collaboration with leading European and International Universities.

Participants benefit from practical and theoretical knowledge on a wide range of topics, taught by University professors and leading experts in their field, with more than 30 years of theoretical and practical experience.

The ECT is an Independent Professional Body and trains over 5000 individuals a year in more than 300 training courses at 21 universities across Europe and worldwide.


The internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) is awarded to successful course participants, as important evidence of the theoretical and practical skills required of professionals and quality practitioners in the industry. It provides a clear gateway to a career in Engineering, Management, Finance and Computing.

The teaching, which leads to the GMC, is based on the European Project EMTEU.

Previous participants of our courses include representatives from Mitsubishi, Siemens, British Army, Solar Power Scotland, Nestle, Coca Cola, and NATO amongst others.

The list of some of the participants who have been awarded the GMC can be viewed here 

Career Prospects, including progression to university studies:

ECT Courses held in the UK and globally through classroom or online learning can be used as a progression route leading to further studies offered by our partners, including Edinburgh Napier University’s part time degree programmes. Please enquire to [email protected] for further information on the specific programmes and entry requirements, as well as other career prospects after studying this course.

The ECT runs courses in Engineering, Management and Finance across the UK, in London, Edinburgh


The ECT runs courses in Energy, Marketing and Finance across the UK, in London, Birmingham

The European Centre of Technology organises leading Conferences, Summits and Round Tables, with the support of European Governments and in partnership with the United Nations (UNEP) and the intergovernmental IIR, on the latest developments in Engineering, Management and Finance.

Participants of the Summits include leading researchers, authorities from universities, Members of the European Parliament, European Commission, Greenpeace, Presidents of leading organisations and Institutes such as the IIR, the American ASHRAE, AHARI, the Chinese CAR, the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment and AREA which represents 130,000 professionals working in the sector.

We bring together leading experts and researchers to share knowledge and ideas over a stimulating programme of events and activities.

United Nations UNEP with European Centre of Technology ECT – 16th EU Conference: Director interviewed on the importance of education.

Peter W. Egolf, University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland, interviewed on the importance of the conference.


The ECT runs courses in Energy, Marketing and Finance across the UK, in London, Birmingham

The ECT and EEC work with the United Nations UNEP to produce a series of publications and articles, detailing and disseminating the latest innovations in Engineering and Finance to professionals across the world.

The official technical journal of the ECT is Energy Learning – a leading journal launched to run parallel to the International Special Issue (ISI), published in print by the ECT-EEC Accredited Centre and the United Nations UNEP.

To access the Energy Learning Journal please visit


The European Centre of Technology (ECT) has always been at the forefront of innovation in Engineering, Management and Finance. The ECT actively participates and shapes European Projects at the EU level for the benefit of the Community Member States. For more information, visit European Projects

The ECT runs courses in Energy, Marketing and Finance across the UK, in London, Birmingham


The ECT runs courses in Energy, Marketing and Finance across the UK, in London, Birmingham

Recent research carried out by the European Centre of Technology (ECT) showcased the increasing importance for Professionals and Engineers to keep up to date with the latest technologies, innovations and networking opportunities.

This gap has been filled by the global Professional Membership Programme.


The ECT has always been a Centre for international partnerships with government organisations, universities, research institutes and the industry. The ECT is always keen to expand this network further to disseminate knowledge and education in Engineering, Management and Finance, throughout local communities worldwide.

Institutional Partners of the ECT - The ECT runs courses in Engineering, Management and Finance across the UK, in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Birmingham