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Part of the EEC Accredited Center
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Participants can now take advantage of the European Centre of Technology’s flexible instalment payment plans. Enquire by emailing [email protected].

Each year a proportion of donations made to the European Centre of Technology (ECT) are allocated to sponsoring individuals to attend ECT training courses – helping them develop their education and experience in Engineering, Management, Finance and Computing.

The ECT Scholarship Fund exists to help advance our primary aim of promoting best practice in Engineering, Management, Finance and Computing, through training and conferences.

To apply for a scholarship for training courses, please email [email protected] with subject ‘Scholarship Application‘, providing the following information:

  • The course(s) you wish to attend (View the list of training courses by clicking here)
  • The reason for your scholarship request
  • The name of the organisation where you are currently employed (if applicable)
  • Who would finance your attendance on the course

Student Scholarships

A 30% funding discount on the full course price listed on the website is available for current University students.

Low-income scholarships

A 50% funding discount on the full course price listed on the website is available for individuals currently unemployed and seeking a job in Engineering, Management, Finance and Computing (documentation may be required).

Merit-based scholarships

For individuals who have graduated with a relevant degree in the past 12 months and have achieved a first-class degree; through private funding, the EEC will cover up to 30% of the cost of attending a course.

Members of the Armed Forces

There is a limited amount of part-funding available for Personnel who are still in Service, and/or in their resettlement phase. Please enquire to [email protected] for more information.

Women in Engineering, Management, Finance and Computing

A 25% funding discount on the full course price listed on the website is available for women interested in the ECT’s courses, to encourage higher levels of female participation in the fields of Finance, Management, Engineering and Computing.

External Funding Streams

Professional and Career Development Loans (PCDLs) are bank loans to pay for training courses which help to progress individuals’ careers and provide support to get people back into work.

The Oil and Gas Transition Fund provides training grants which support individuals to upskill, retrain and gain accreditation to help find new employment in oil and gas, the wider energy sector, or in manufacturing and engineering.

To access the online Payment page for EU-funded courses please click here